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Jose Roldan '05 in Father Forgive For I Have Sinned

Father For Give Me For I Have Sinned showcases the struggles of being a gay Latino male while battling the negative cultural stereotypes about his sexual identity with which he grapples. He channels some of his most memorable family members that cover the gamut from his Nuyorican sister, a freestyle drama queen, to his aunt, lovingly dubbed, Bruja Tia (Auntie Witchie-pooh) who has mastered the art of how to keep a man. And the center of attraction, his quintessentially macho father, as well as his off-the-wall, fire-spitting Puerto Rican mother.

This piece was created and developed at Lehman College by José Roldan with Dante Albertie and has gone on to be performed all over the country. Don’t miss it!

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