Who We Are

Lehman Stages  is a unique organization within CUNY. A hybrid of sorts. Not simply a producing or presenting entity - we are a community of professionals who are dedicated to nurturing the emerging artists here at Lehman and the Bronx. Not simply a rehearsal or performance facility - we serve as a bridge for the Lehman student between the academic and professional worlds of performing arts. Not simply a production services company - we collaborate with our partners on every aspect of a production, from concept to final product.

What We Do

We are a professional arts component of Lehman College. We manage and develop the performance facilities operating under the auspices of the College. We provide rehearsal, performance and conference space for arts, civic and government organizations throughout New York City and beyond. We create original cultural programming and initiatives that benefit the students of Lehman College and the Bronx community, and we provide comprehensive production services to our vital Music, Multimedia, Theatre and Dance Department here at Lehman.

Lehman Stages is dedicated to improving the cultural life of our community. We are dedicated to the idea that the arts are not a luxury, but a civic necessity.

Thank you for letting us introduce ourselves. Please take a moment to watch our video